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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Maybe it's because people think I'm crazy for running for president; maybe it's because most of the great civil rights leaders like Muhammad Ali and Dr. King were before my time, but this add campaign really moves me.

When I was five all I wanted was a pair of Nike's. My parents bought me Payless shoes, not because they couldn't afford better but because they thought $100 for shoes for a five year old was ridiculous. As a parent now I realize they were right. Buuuutttttt after a year or two I convinced them.

By the time I was 15 I wasn't deciding IF I was going to buy some Nike's but which ones. By the time I was 30 I was actively hoping Adidas or Under Armor could actually make a quality product because I was burnt out from buying the same old brand again and again.

I haven't been passionate about Nike in more than 20 years, but I am now. I'm inspired.

As a business man, I have to say this is a crazy move. To anger half of your customer base is not something giant businesses purposefully do. EVER. But it shows that they are living by their slogan. Believe in something, even if it costs you customers.

I had the same response as everyone else when he first started protesting. "What do you mean you aren't standing for the national anthem? This is the greatest nation in the world." But after I learned what he was protesting, and after he switched from sitting to kneeling so that it was obvious it was not about disrespecting soldiers, I came around. You can be the greatest and still not be perfect.

I live in a world where hostilities towards minorities are a non-issue. The biggest problem I've ever had with police officers is when I haven't been able to wiggle out of speeding tickets that I clearly deserved. If Colin hadn't protested, or protested outside of football where I never would have heard about it, my understanding of, and attention towards an issue that is meaningful to a large portion of this nation would have been even more deficient.

I'm not sure I know what the answer to the problem is but I am sure that there is an answer. Calling protesters SOB's and demanding that they simply accept things as they are is not how this is going to end. Eventually a leader with the power to make change will stop, listen, analyze the problem and work towards solutions for everyone. Then, and only then, will this issue be behind us. The greatest nation becoming greater. For each and every one of her citizens.


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