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Meeting Dr. Von Bevern

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

It was love at first site. For one of us at least.

I lived in Oliver hall my freshman year at KU. On one of the first days, I made a new friend named John. He was pretty cool and much better with girls than me. During the first days of our friendship, we decided that the two of us were going to meet every girl in our co-ed dorm.

We literally went knocking door to door from the 10th floor down. When we got to the fourth floor, I knocked on the door that would change my life forever. There she was, my future wife. She and her roommate were not overly impressed with us, but I was already in love. When I noticed a couple of girls I knew from high school that lived across the hall from her, I figured out my connection. For the next few weeks I was always around her floor “catching up” with my old friends and doing whatever I could to get to know my future wife.

She was studying chemical engineering and taking some tough math and science classes. I have always been good at math and science so I offered to help her study. I was majoring in film though (see how I got to KU) so I had to teach myself first. This became harder and harder, so I made the switch into her major. Now I actually had professors to help me figure it out in the first place, plus I got to spend time with her in class. A definite double win.

I never gave much thought to the major itself or what sort of career it would lead to. My wife, in fact, only did it because she was told it was the toughest major and she enjoys challenges. That is why when school was over and I realized I'd be working for oil companies for the rest of my life. I quickly realized it wasn't for me. Luckily my wife had been accepted to medical school in Kansas, which led to opportunity for me to get my MBA and figure out what I actually wanted in a career.


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