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Policies or Priorities?

I've had some friends recently start to rip on Mayor Pete for not adequately expressing his opinion on the major policies that liberals are pursuing. I'm sure people would criticize me as well if they actually knew I was even running. I have a few thoughts on that.

#1 I have some thoughts on new and different ways that we could help people deal with income inequality, unequal opportunity, public education, our healthcare system and a few others. I'm worried though that the minute I convey those to the public they become a "Democratic solution" to our problems and no matter how amazing they are no Republicans can ever support it. I almost feel like I need to keep them to myself until I have a chance to actually work with the other party and then they can become bipartisan and supported (or not) for their merit.

#2 Stating a position on a policy is nothing more than a chance to convey your thoughts to voters. That's great that you are the furthest left candidate on taxes and student loan forgiveness and single-payer healthcare, but none of that is going to happen unless the Senate and House also feel the same way. Even if that IS the case there better not be one legal misstep or the legal challenges that will obviously be brought by the other side will get it thrown out. Once that's perfect all you have to do is make sure the other side never wins another election or has the ability to undo your legislation.

What I think would be more helpful to voters would be to know our priorities. For me that's people. I'm a capitalist, but a people-first capitalist. Let's use this wonderful system that has generated so much wealth to improve people's lives, not the pocketbooks of businesses and rich people. Let's make sure people aren't dying because they can't afford their insulin even if it cuts into profit margins or means higher taxes for the ultra-wealthy. Let's make sure that a child's potential, and not their zip code, is not the largest predictor of future success.

I'm sure I'll need to take public stances on particular policies if I pick up traction as a candidate, but I hope that you can already guess what I'd support. Does that policy help the American people? If yes, then I probably think it's the right one for the country.