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Updated: Apr 23, 2019

My current priorities

My wife and I are messy people. I'm definitely messier, but I think Heather would even admit now that she is messy. The difference is that I'm ok living in a messy home. Heather wants our house spot free. That is why she was very excited when I quit my job in 2016, seven months before we were going to move to Sydney. She finally had someone at home that could clean the house.

Except I rarely did. Remember, I'm messy and fine with it.

When we finally moved to Sydney and she wasn't working though, I also assumed I'd have someone at home cleaning the house. I was also wrong.

See, she'd always talked about being jealous of people that had enough time to clean their house every week. But I did some research into this, and as it turns out, each and every single human being on Earth gets 24 hours in each day. Crazy, I know. I always assumed people with clean houses got like 26 and people with messy houses got like 22. Apparently though it is the same 24 for everyone. Who knew.

What it really means when someone says "they don't have time" for something is that they have things that they have prioritized higher that take up the full 24 hours that they get. When Heather was working 50-60 hours/week as a pediatrician, she was prioritizing work over cleaning. It turns out, again, you can still "just not have time" to clean your house even if you aren't working if you prioritize watching that new Netflix series or drinking wine with friends more highly than picking up and running a vacuum.

Politicians can fall into this trap as well. Republicans complained for years that we as a nation couldn't afford Obamacare. That is was not possible to fix our infrastructure because it would add too much to the deficit. But then one day they decided that they prioritized tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses more than fiscal responsibility and then all of a sudden trillion dollar deficits weren't as big of a deal. What they really meant were that they don't prioritize healthcare or infrastructure enough to increase the deficit. Things that will please their donors though were prioritized higher.

For me, my highest priority will be people. Partly because I just think it's the right thing to do and partly for selfish reasons (who is going to vote for a guy that runs on a platform of honesty and integrity and then sells out to special interests?).

I don't consider myself a democratic socialist because, as wonderful as it sounds in theory, socialism just doesn't work and the word has a long and nasty history. Almost none of the democratic socialists are even really socialists. I am, however, an unapologetic PEOPLE FIRST capitalist. Our system has provided more than any other in the history of the World and it is time that the American people start benefitting from that.

It's too early to dive deeply into all of my thoughts on policy, but know this, each and every position I will take with be with the American people as my only priority!


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