Why you shouldn't vote for me

There are quite a few, let’s be honest, so I’ve broken them down into a few different categories

  • Why Everyone Shouldn’t Vote For Me

  • Why Republicans Shouldn't Vote For Me

  • Why Democrats Shouldn’t Vote For Me

  • Things My Wife Thinks I Should Mention


I’ll continue to update the list as more things are brought to my attention. 

Why Everyone Shouldn’t Vote For Me


  • I’ve never even run for the school board let alone the Senate.  There are literally tens of thousands of people with better backgrounds to be a politician.

  • I’m not a lawyer, political scientist or even a professional public speaker or business leader.

  • I’d be the youngest president ever elected by six years (JFK) and the youngest president overall by five (T. Roosevelt).

Why Republicans Shouldn’t Vote For Me

  • I mean, I'm a Democrat​.  That's enough nowadays, right?

Why Democrats Shouldn’t Vote For Me

  • I have worked in two industries in my life, oil and finance.  These industries don't exactly align with some key aspects of the democratic platform.

    • I worked for Occidental Petroleum from 2005-2006.  I still have several friends working as PE's.
    • I worked in a part of finance (high frequency trading or HFT) that people seem to especially dislike. 

      • Michael Lewis even wrote a book about how bad it is (link). 

      • My last company is still paying me and will continue to until March 2020.​

  • For what it's worth, I have fairly typical democratic stances on climate change (it's a fact) and financial regulation (it's important). ​

Things My Wife Thinks I Should Mention


  • My wife thinks I spend too much time golfing (how's that not presidential?) and playing poker.

  • She wants me to reiterate that I am really, really not qualified to be president.  Like at all.

More to come I'm sure...

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